Manchester East (East Manchester Academy) - Early Summer 2019 - Open Grade - Statistics

Player of the Match Awards
PlayerTeamPlayer Of the Match Awards
Elizabeth BowenOn Trydays We Wear Pink3
Eve ShottonTries Before Fries2
Jack WilsonVelcro Hunters2
Matthew WillisTagrina the Teenage Pitch2
Kris FosterTagrina the Teenage Pitch2
Dan BrowneOn Trydays We Wear Pink2
George Collins On Trydays We Wear Pink2
Joel RongongManchester Friendlier Team2
Gareth McGaugheyTries Before Fries1
Catherine WilliamsonTries Before Fries1
Matt HoltTries Before Fries1
Tom JonesYou Can't Tag This1
Helen FullerVelcro Hunters1
Becky PlummerOn Trydays We Wear Pink1
Matthew CoxManchester Friendlier Team1
Tom BywaterManchester Friendlier Team1