Highest Winning Percentages in Yorkshire in 2019

TeamWinning Percentage
Hakuna Mataga100.0
Tagnam Style100.0
Tag it or leave it100.0
Give pass a chance100.0
Yippee Try Yay Mother Ruckers100.0
Blood, Sweat and Beers100.0
Terminal Velcrocity.96.0
TaggaMasala .94.9
Tagravated Assault88.9
Clash of the Try-tans80.0
Gaggin’ for a taggin’ (Bradford) 80.0
The Fat and The Furious75.0
RuPaul's Tag Race75.0
Tag Me Off.73.7
Handbags and Gladtags73.3
Wakefield WildTags72.7
The Tagmanian Devils70.6
gaggin' for a taggin' 70.0
Yorkshire Teabaggers70.0
Hips Don’t Lie (Yarnbury)69.7
Papua New Guinea68.4