Highest Winning Percentages in Yorkshire in 2019

TeamWinning Percentage
Hakuna Mataga100.0
Tagnam Style100.0
Tag it or leave it100.0
Give pass a chance100.0
Terminal Velcrocity.95.8
TaggaMasala .92.6
Clash of the Try-tans80.0
Yorkshire Teabaggers77.8
Weetwood Friendly75.0
The Fat and The Furious75.0
RuPaul's Tag Race75.0
This is SPARTAG75.0
Handbags and Gladtags73.3
The Tagmanian Devils72.7
Hips Don’t Lie (Yarnbury)72.7
Tag me off.72.0
Wakefield WildTags71.4
Yippee-try Yay!71.4
Thunder taggers71.4
2 Point Try 66.7
gaggin' for a taggin' 66.7
Papua New Guinea64.0

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