Highest Winning Percentages in Manchester in 2018

TeamWinning Percentage
Try Hard 2: Try Harder100.0
Try Hard100.0
Globo Tag100.0
Tagrina the Teenage Pitch87.5
Taggers With A Team Spirit81.3
Terracotta Warriors68.8
You Can't Tag This67.7
Tries Before Fries61.3
No woman, no try55.6
Try Hard : With A Vengeance55.6
Unexpected Item in the Tagging Area53.5
Raz Ma Tag51.5
Manchester Super Taggers50.0
Guten Tag48.7
Flaming Taggers40.0
Take Me To Tag38.9
Live free or try hard!37.5
Manchester Marvels37.5
Velcro Hunters37.5
The Arnold Schwarzetaggers37.1
The Tagonators33.3
Manchester Taguares31.3