Highest Winning Percentages in Yorkshire in 2018

TeamWinning Percentage
Hakuna Mataga100.0
$$$ Get Rich or Die Tagging $$$100.0
House of flying taggers100.0
Urban Voodoo Tag Machine100.0
Tag it or leave it100.0
House Tagaryen.96.3
Hakuna Mataga90.0
Taggy Trousers87.5
Clash of the Try-tans85.7
TaggaMasala .84.5
Tag me off.80.9
The Fat and The Furious80.0
Wakefield WildTags76.7
Alwoodley Friendly Team75.0
Chicken Fingers75.0
Heyyy, Tagarena, TRY!75.0
Tags The Way (I Like It)75.0
Sick Note &Tag!73.2
Breed em breezy!72.3
Hips Don’t Lie (Yarnbury)71.4
Terminal Velcrocity.70.6
Handbags and Gladtags67.5
Dude Looks Like a Lady66.7

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