Highest Winning Percentages in Yorkshire in 2017

TeamWinning Percentage
Auf Wiedersein Tag Pet100.0
Taga The Hut 👹100.0
TaggaMasala .100.0
House Tagaryen.90.5
Hakuna Mataga90.2
A Question of Tag87.5
Tagg Me Off87.0
The Odd Squad83.3
Wakefield WildTags75.9
Chasing Tags75.0
Tag Thrills75.0
Tag Me Off.73.8
The Ravens71.4
Shorts yeah?!71.4
Tag my pitch up!69.6
Eat, Sleep, Tag, Repeat69.0
Kirkstall Friendly Team68.8
Dude Looks Like a Lady68.6
Don't Tag Me Now I'm Having A Good Time66.7
Chicken Taggy Masala66.7
The Wu Tag Clan65.2