Highest Winning Percentages in Yorkshire in 2016

TeamWinning Percentage
Scrum and Coke100.0
Donald Trump for President100.0
Hakuna Mataga100.0
Chicken Fingers100.0
Team Slithery Snake Hips93.8
Team Primal87.5
Ready, Steady, Tag87.5
Tag it like it's hot84.0
Tagosaurus 83.3
Neon Strips81.6
Boom Tag!78.3
Tap and Go!76.3
House Tagaryen.75.9
Sticky Fingers75.0
Taggin' My Pants75.0
Chasing Tags75.0
The Odd Squad72.7
Tag Hunters70.8
The Tagmanian Devils65.5
Shorts yeah?63.9
Harlem Globe Taggers62.5
We Know Who You Tagged Last Summer62.5
Gildersome Friendly Team62.5
Tag Busters62.5