Highest Winning Percentages in 2016

TeamWinning Percentage
Scrum and Coke100.0
Spitting Cobras100.0
Laser Tag100.0
My momma don't tag you and she tags everyone100.0
Donald Trump for President100.0
Maul by myself100.0
Slick Chicks100.0
Wests Warriors RL100.0
Yipee Try Yay Mother Rucker100.0
Hakuna Mataga100.0
Arrogant Team Name 100.0
Boys Don't Trifle100.0
You're It100.0
Chicken Fingers100.0
Tag Life (Kennington)100.0
Phibbers Lions96.0
Cyborg Sharpshooters96.0
Team Slithery Snake Hips93.8
Shoreditch Turtles92.9
TFT London90.9
Must Tag Sally90.6
Wandsworth Wombats89.5
Box tickers88.9