Highest Winning Percentages in Yorkshire in 2015

TeamWinning Percentage
BB Team 6 (Bingley Bulldogs (B) & Tagmanian Devils (D))100.0
BB Team 2 (Cheetags (C) & Tagmanian Devils (D))100.0
Fit 24 100.0
The Ravens100.0
Tap and Go!100.0
I Want To Hold Your Tag93.8
Bingley Bulldogs.87.5
Scrum and Coke80.0
Shire Taggers75.0
Bingley Bulldogs75.0
Raiders of the Lost Tag!75.0
Taggers In Disguise75.0
Kirkstall Friendly Team73.3
Take Me To Tag70.0
Wakefield CRL68.8
Roundhay Ravens66.7
The Originals 62.5
Down Tag Abbey (Series 2)62.5
The Odd Squad60.9
Handbags and Gladtags60.0
Oulton Mixed Friendly Team57.1
Get Taggy With It56.3
The Unpredictables50.0
The Used to Have Its and The Never Had Its50.0