Highest Winning Percentages in 2015

TeamWinning Percentage
Pink Banter100.0
Cyborg Sharpshooters100.0
Tumeke (Acton 2016)100.0
BB Team 2 (Cheetags (C) & Tagmanian Devils (D))100.0
BB Team 6 (Bingley Bulldogs (B) & Tagmanian Devils (D))100.0
Fit 24 100.0
Fulham Friendly100.0
Straight T'Werk100.0
The Hotsteppers100.0
The Ravens100.0
Tap and Go!100.0
Tag Life100.0
Loco Poco100.0
The Notorious T.A.G100.0
Miracle Workers100.0
Mike Tryson100.0
Hello... is it TAG you're looking for100.0
Paranormal Tagivity100.0
Wandle Warriors100.0
The Frosties93.8
Notts Exiles93.8
I Want To Hold Your Tag93.8
Bros Hos Minus Russell :(92.9
Thunder Pies90.9