Highest Winning Percentages in 2014

TeamWinning Percentage
Cyborg Sharpshooters100.0
God loves a tagger100.0
Wandering Strokers SL100.0
HashTag Highbury100.0
Phibbers Upper Holloway100.0
Hippos Men's94.7
Patrick Quigley 2.0 (FP)93.8
Bros Hos Minus Russell :(90.9
TFT London90.9
Phibbers (Winter 2014)88.2
The Frosties87.5
Guff Coast Titans RL (Richmond)87.5
Point Pleasant Playas86.7
Flying Kiwis86.7
Ninja Turtles86.4
London Ireland Balham85.7
Madsox Comets85.0
Tag Snatchers81.8
The Runaround Kids81.8
Grubs Anonymous81.3

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