Highest Winning Percentages in London in 2010

TeamWinning Percentage
Rotherhithe Rovers100.0
Ref's Fault90.5
Jump Jump87.5
Jugs in Motion87.5
Guten Tag87.5
Balham Bulldogs85.7
Finished Roving Your Mum77.3
Your Mum76.9
Dirty Flankers (old)75.0
East End Paddies75.0
Willesden Wanderers71.4
Process of Elimination71.4
Ace of Speights66.7
Pnk Banter (older)62.5
Team Aguilera62.5
Suffolk n Close62.5
Tag Me If You Can59.1
Faltering Fullback 257.1
Tagtical Operations56.3
The Spy Who Tagged Me53.8
The Randoms52.4
The Regulators50.0

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