Highest Winning Percentages in London

TeamWinning Percentage
Rotherhithe Rovers100.0
London NSW100.0
South London Ladies100.0
Not Sure Yet100.0
London New Zealand (Kingsbury)100.0
The Samsons100.0
Churrr (Thurs)100.0
Phill Browne Tagged Us Inappropriately100.0
Man Chest Hair United100.0
The Sexy Rides100.0
Bro's, Ho's and Russell100.0
Beauty School Dropouts100.0
London Residents 2013 vs Tonga100.0
Hairy Maclary100.0
God loves a tagger100.0
Spitting Cobras100.0
Laser Tag100.0
Maul by myself100.0
Slick Chicks100.0
Yipee Try Yay Mother Rucker100.0

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