Referee Game Counts in London in 2013

NameGames Refereed
Tariq York172
Jason Yaxley100
Jenika Stubelj88
Tom Parsons80
George Katralis78
Phillip Browne72
Cody Kuxmann68
Andrew Davis67
Darren Sams63
Russell Crane62
Stephen Barry62
Shaun Snow62
Andrew Dickins62
Mark Lee60
Alistair Davis49
Kelly Joyce48
Adam Madigan47
Jeremy Rossiny47
Carl Duckels45
Luke Campbell44
Scott Crawley39
Phelim Gallagher38
Claire McDonagh35
Alex Miller35
Victor Collins35
Thomas Ralph34
Gary Jeffery29
Jennifer Lawton24
Jake George24
Jacqui Glanfield23
Emma Becker23
Tom Lloyd19
Bryan Teuchert17
Brad Aird16
Shannon Bennett14
Ousmane Ndiaye13
Michael Brighton13
Gary Brook13
Alan Bailey12
Mark Hudson12
Patrick Wright10
Gareth Howell7
Grant Maskell6
Tom Entwistle5
Nick Bisson5
Martin Ams4
Arron Lombardo3
Carl Duckels3
Paul D'Ambrosi1
Steven Capilli1

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