Top Player of the Match Awards in Thames Valley in 2019

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Chris Platt6
Philip Van Heerden4
Tommy Hill3
Pete Adams3
Jill Thompson3
Lewis Goddard2
Pete Hewlett2
Greg Carr2
Stacey Gould2
Amy Parsons2
Alex Osborne2
Mel Mallon-Hancock2
Sarah Sumner2
Will Evans2
Joe Croft2
Pete Nixon1
Joe Burrows1
Tim Hall1
Jake Harvey1
Melody Jennings1
Andrew Preece1
Patrick Hoy1
Kieran Dee1
Abi Bennetts1
Richard Chipchase1
Josie Gamble1
Marine Ogier1
Lucy Noad1
Anna Crocker1
John OLeary1
Fraser Whitfield1
Simon Hall1
David Zacharias1
Trig Prosser1
Liath Campbell1
Fawzi Hijazi1
Candice Bion1
John Kilby1
Andy Mitchell1
Charlotte Marriott1
James Clayman1
Sarah Jeffery1
asha purkiss-kumar1
Phil Allwood1
Matthew Pearce1
Gary Mallon1
Susan Farrell1

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