Top Player of the Match Awards in Manchester in 2018

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Chelsea Starbuck9
Kenny Hunt8
Mikayla Hale8
Nicholas Barker8
Matt Holt7
Charlie Willcocks7
Max White7
Paul stirk6
Matthew Willis6
Thomas Charnley6
Stuart Campbell6
Adam Bailey6
Joe Wilson5
Danny Barling5
Ady Bevan5
Catherine Williamson5
Zoe Hall5
Hannah Furey4
Daniel Kelso4
Matthew Cox4
Patrick Boyd4
Tom Owens4
Jody Mitchell4
Hayley Craig4
Zoe Childs Ford4
Eve Shotton4
Peter Milne4
Khizer Khan4
Ailbhe Fitzpatrick 3
Simon Bromley3
Sara Waplington3
Lamide Fatoki3
Gareth McGaughey3
Owen Mattern 3
Alex Watson3
Aaron Mulrooney3
Jack Masters3
Tom Bywater3
Sarah Howe2
Thomas Wright Thompson2
Joe Kenny2
Dave Nichols2
Shafiq Shah2
Geraint Morris2
Robert Taaffe2
Abbie Venables2
Alistair Irwin2
Rebekah Clarke2
Charlotte Cockman2
Chris Lakin2

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