Top Player of the Match Awards in London in 2018

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Suzanne Caverly31
Anita Snowdon 26
Gary Jeffery24
Sam Read22
Sarah Jackson21
Kirsty Clarke21
Terrence Kovelis21
Darragh Conway21
Joe Camilleri20
Sina Mario18
Gary Phibbs17
James Austin17
Luke Jarvie17
Emily Ip16
Dean Irvine16
Lucy Spring16
Steffy Geertsen16
Rachael Joy16
Sinead Ni Lanagain16
Nick Wilkes16
Shabeshan 'Vache' Shureshkumar15
Oliver Greenhill15
Nadine Steiner15
Victoria Pritchard15
Dan Arnamnart15
Brent Williams14
Scotty Vincent14
Hanna Breckons14
Tom Chase14
George Fox-Edwards14
Thomas Giles14
Rhys Davies14
Matthew Caviggia14
Amelia Ponton14
Tristan Ryder13
Robert Oxley13
Tom Higgs13
Guillaume Hammersley13
Laura Mc Laughlin13
Clare Rhatigan13
Joshua Clarke13
Lois Lau13
Tom Soulsby13
Eleanore Richardson13
Ellen Alphabetti McGuinness13
Nigela Niente Pasta Houghton-David13
Bobby Difiore13
Sarah Jigglypuff Crampton13
Fayiz Abdul-Ahad12
Jonathan Povah12

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