Top Player of the Match Awards in Yorkshire in 2017

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Andrew Harkins19
Daniel Kenworthy16
Ruby Wharton16
Ruth Fogden15
Charlotte Collins12
Carl sheffield12
Kaela Thurston11
Lucy Crann11
Cheryl Woodman11
David Wilkinson10
Ben Kenworthy10
Katie Platts10
Katy Branthwaite9
Kate Wood 9
Leon Nightingale8
Anita Barton8
Olivia Moss8
Conor Quinn8
Stephanie Forster8
Michelle Crawford7
Becky Jane7
Andy Russell7
John Hickling7
Simon Webster7
Will Newby7
Haylie Hields7
Tom Rooney7
Aiden Wilkinson6
Andrew Tolley6
Callum Lister6
Leanne Jennings6
Taylor Stott6
Erin Swallow6
Gary Cook6
Liam Gillard5
Matt Dalingwater 5
Rachel Laycock5
Carol Cusack5
Mark Airth5
Miranda Dunstan5
Chris Barrett5
Luke Sweeney5
James Smith5
Chris Whitaker5
Dave Burkill5
ceri whittle5
Matthew Ryan5
Craig Milner5
Matt Halkier5
Martin Hinchcliffe5

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