Top Player of the Match Awards in 2017

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Will Powell34
Kirsty Clarke22
Rachael Joy22
Alex Paxton22
Steffy Geertsen22
Arron Lombardo22
Ellen Alphabetti McGuinness20
Andrew Harkins19
Amber Machamp Morin-Farraway19
Aine Cribbin18
Jesse Dalton18
Joe Camilleri18
James Austin18
Sam Winter18
Terrence Kovelis17
Timothy Pritchard17
Kellie Dowdell16
Alex Miller16
Daniel Kenworthy16
Ruby Wharton16
Neil Booth15
Lucy Spring15
Antoni Domanski15
Ruth Fogden15
Tom Higgs15
Daniel Ampaw15
Thomas Core15
Shona Roche14
Ben Maroulis14
Nina Populaire14
Zack Akil14
Dan Coll14
David Dunk14
Matthew Caviggia13
Darragh Conway13
Kirby Roper13
Terry Winter13
Susie Brown13
Nick Wilkes13
Nigela Niente Pasta Houghton-David13
Carl sheffield12
George Fox-Edwards12
Sina Mario12
Aoife Commane12
Stephen Thorpe12
Annie Hillier12
Sam Block12
Julia Upelniece12
James Baron12
Meg Townsend12

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