Top Player of the Match Awards in Yorkshire in 2016

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Daniel Kenworthy16
Alexandra de Joux13
David Wilkinson12
ceri whittle8
Nick Keenan8
Jaime Dion8
Chris Barrett8
Dom Grima6
Jannik Giesekam6
Callum Lister6
Sam Greenwood6
Leon Nightingale6
Emma Cooper6
Matthew Webster6
Andrew Harkins6
William Brown5
Oliver Brown5
Jill Swallow5
tom shann5
Ruth Fogden5
mellissa berry5
Ruby Wharton5
Chloe Dinsdale5
Hollie Ogden5
Shaun Wise5
Sam Hillier5
Liam Grima5
Katie Platts5
Carl sheffield5
Jessica McEwan5
Andy Russell5
Jacqueline Clift5
Craig Stott5
callum wright5
Stewart Malley5
Jack Hughes5
Beth Heap5
Mark Higson5
Michelle Crawford4
Ben Hughes4
Miranda Dunstan4
Aaron Brian4
Cameron Sheffield4
Simon Paget4
Richard Bartlett4
Jake Duxbury4
Mickey Emmott4
Gary Cook4
Dan Penman4
Kevin Barker4

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