Top Player of the Match Awards in London in 2016

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Kirsty Clarke26
Marianne Bowtell25
David Shipley23
Jesse Dalton19
Will Powell19
Tim McManus18
Joe Camilleri18
Rhys Davies16
Mark Crowley16
Tom Higgs16
James Gibson16
Alex Tsoi16
Shabeshan 'Vache' Shureshkumar15
Claire Pryor15
Bertrand Coppe14
Caroline Henzell14
Stephanie McCabe14
Guillaume Hammersley14
Adric Mason14
Matt Picknett14
Chris Jurotte14
Alex Coombs14
Tom Thorne14
Nick Wilkes13
Gary Phibbs13
Sean Rogers13
Jenny Ainscough13
Christopher Prout12
Ornagh Higgins12
Stephen Barry12
Kasey Martin12
Matthew Caviggia12
Lucile Gibassier12
Aoife Commane11
Michael Costello11
Arron Lombardo11
Lois Lau11
Ross Goodman11
Kyle Nish11
Antoni Domanski11
Timothy Pritchard11
Aimee O'Hanlon11
Archy de Berker10
Katie Fowler10
Ali Gonse10
Kat Draper10
Aine Cribbin10
Tom Entwistle10
Martin Soullier10
Andrew Harrison10

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