Top Player of the Match Awards in Thames Valley in 2015

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Holly Banham6
Thomas George5
Amy Parsons5
Matthew Smith4
Tracey Biddle3
Tess Forsberg3
Greg Carr3
Oliver Ede3
Huw Roch3
Hannah Lindsey-Halls3
Gill Archbold2
Neale Hayter2
Adrienne O'Driscoll2
Fraser Mills2
spencer jenkins2
Brad Mills2
John Kilby2
Claire Gould2
Lewis Whyte2
Jordon Powell2
Rhys Thomas2
Gareth Warwick2
James Clifton1
Hal Orchard1
Yash Rampersad1
Simon Bowes1
Joseph Anderton1
Reuben Mynheer1
Michael Mccaughey1
Darragh Byrne1
Matt Bailey1
Ben Mitchell1
Jenny Oakley1
Phil Morris1
Emily Stanners1
Charlotte Talbot1
Harvey Mills1
Glenn Burden1
Sarah Sumner1
Tristan Lineker1
Alex Craggs1
Gary Mallon1

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