Top Player of the Match Awards in 2015

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Isaac Guillen20
Oliver Greenhill20
Rhys Davies19
Jenny Ainscough17
Arron Lombardo16
Guillaume Hammersley14
Katie Fowler14
Martin Soullier14
Brock Peters14
Monique Pontifex14
Kirsty Clarke13
Rachael Joy13
Warren Church13
Joe Camilleri13
Jesse Dalton13
Garnet Mackinder13
Joshua Pavlovec12
Sarah Bond12
Timothy Pritchard12
Ross Goodman12
Corinna Litscher12
Christopher Prout12
Kasey Martin12
Marianne Bowtell11
Phil O'Donnell11
Alex Coombs11
Aly Moffat11
Chris Jurotte11
Joel Holmes11
Johnny Berrill10
Kevin Chan10
Alex Kelly10
Bertrand Coppe10
Antoni Domanski10
Lois Lau10
Matt Picknett10
Jake Banfield10
Robert Oxley10
Aine Cribbin10
Danielle Goodall9
benjamin smith9
Aimee O'Hanlon9
Brendan Mohr9
Chag-man Tam9
Daniel Ampaw9
Chris Reed9
Stephen Thorpe9
Nick Wilkes9
Moya Maginn9
Aimee Corcoran9

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