Top Player of the Match Awards in 2014

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Brock Peters19
Karen Howard18
Ousmane Ndiaye17
Ian Kerr17
Jeremie Labbe14
Alex Coombs13
Helen Chan13
Jessica Minck12
Aine Cribbin12
Arron Lombardo12
Teagan Raucci12
David Shipley11
Oliver Greenhill11
Nina Populaire11
Samara Lawrence11
Alex Miller11
Phil Berry10
Megan Lloyd10
Oliver O'Mahony10
Max Jackson10
Gary Phibbs10
Kellie Dowdell10
Breda Lyons10
Emily Stone10
Donal Lehane10
Sarah Bond9
Joe Dunton9
Andrew Ferguson9
Christopher Prout9
Lucy Duncombe9
Nicola Soraghan9
Caroline Henzell8
Reece Glozier8
Marianne Bowtell8
Seth Ephron8
benjamin smith8
Miriam Howe8
Ollie Roffey8
Shannon Bennett8
morag cahill8
Adric Mason8
Lauren Taylor8
Martin Soullier7
Patrick Kiernan7
James Ramsay7
Katie Sage7
Stephen Wirth7
Kat Draper7
Andy Matfield7
Steve Lloyd7

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