Top Player of the Match Awards in London in 2012

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Matt Picknett21
Claire McAteer17
Samuel Falk16
Danielle Kilian16
Rachel Chew16
Adam Madigan14
Chris Mansfield12
Duncan Richmond12
James Kennedy12
Gary Phibbs12
Tim Killick11
Stephen Barry10
Lois Lau10
Catherine McNerney10
Jay Ringo Wilkinson9
Dave Twohig9
Kellie Dowdell9
Aaron Curran9
Shivan Hutton9
Colm Flood9
James Leggett9
Tom Parsons9
Amanda Scarfo9
Killian Toomey9
Chris Jurotte9
Dane Challenor9
Phoebe Robins8
Scott Crawley8
Ousmane Ndiaye8
Ian Kerr8
Mike Morris8
Lee Miller8
Michael-John May8
Graham Ensor7
Claire Crowley7
Jade Elias7
Gary McNamara7
Alistair Lamond7
Patrick Kiernan7
Emma Becker6
Patrick Wright6
Justin Power6
Ben Rudall6
Cameron Bretag6
Richard Meehan6
Danielle Farquharson6
Mark McCullough6
Arron Lombardo6
Rachel Facer6
Ming Lew6

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