Top Player of the Match Awards in London in 2011

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Arron Lombardo13
Ian Kerr12
Nina Populaire12
Tom Parsons12
Shay Wilson11
Nick Bisson10
Eamonn Sinnott9
Belinda Walmsley9
Patrick Ferry9
Teagan Raucci8
Stephen Barry8
Patrick Ginty8
David Condon8
Rachael Speare8
Siobhan Dennehy8
Shun Tamura7
Jason Landeg7
Gareth Roach7
Luke Campbell7
Nick Shanks7
Patrick Kiernan7
Dan McGing7
Steven Capilli7
Andrew Le Breton7
Nichola Hughes6
Gary McNamara6
Barry Coughlan6
Lana Conde6
Dominic Wilde6
Andrew Dickins6
Dane Challenor6
Ben Dyer6
Kolone Yung6
Jon Carrett6
Alastair Mant6
Russell Crane6
Carl Spychal5
Haycap McKenskip5
John Dingley5
Alasdair Cameron5
Lee Harrison5
Matthew Perrott5
Adam Maxfield5
Ciara McNestry5
Michael Ferriter5
Johnathan Price5
Charl de Beer5
Brad Aird5
Mike Morris5
Nikki Nyhan5

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