Top Player of the Match Awards

PlayerPlayer of the Match Awards
Arron Lombardo115
Kirsty Clarke94
Gary Phibbs83
Matt Picknett82
Joe Camilleri80
Lois Lau76
David Shipley73
Jenny Ainscough68
Jesse Dalton66
Rhys Davies65
Adric Mason62
Warren Church62
Will Powell62
Martin Soullier61
Alex Miller61
Rachael Joy59
Oliver Greenhill59
Ian Kerr59
Aine Cribbin58
Gary Jeffery58
Kellie Dowdell57
Nick Wilkes57
Alex Coombs57
Nina Populaire56
Stephen Barry56
Guillaume Hammersley56
Marianne Bowtell55
Christopher Prout54
Emily Stone54
Daniel Ampaw52
Suzanne Caverly52
Steffy Geertsen52
Tom Higgs51
Chris Jurotte51
Teagan Raucci50
Clare Rhatigan50
Ornagh Higgins50
Antoni Domanski50
Terry Winter49
Darragh Conway49
David Wilkinson49
Shabeshan 'Vache' Shureshkumar49
Anita Snowdon 49
Stephen Thorpe48
Lauren Turner48
Samara Lawrence48
Matthew Caviggia47
Timothy Pritchard47
Caroline Henzell46
James Austin46

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