Most Matches Played in Yorkshire in 2019

TeamMatches Played
Shorts yeah?!39
Papua New Guinea39
TaggaMasala .39
Tag Me Off.39
Young un's and Old un's39
The Angry Gorillas38
One Tag Is All It Takes37
The Wu Tag Clan37
The Tag Bandits36
Tag Break34
Tags Players' Alliance34
Hips Don’t Lie (Yarnbury)34
Game Of Tags34
Wakefield WildTags34
The Tagmanian Devils34
Live and Let Try.34
The Odd Squad34
Phoenix Knights34
Tags Players' Alliance (Roundhay)34
Tag it like it's hot34
Down Tag Abbey34
Heavy Breathers34
Tagging Me Tagging You, Ahaa34
Chicken Taggy Masala34