Most Matches Played in Yorkshire in 2018

TeamMatches Played
TaggaMasala .71
Tag Me Off.47
Breed em breezy!47
Papua New Guinea47
Shorts yeah?!46
Hips don't lie (Shakira Shakira)45
Great British Tag Off 44
Phoenix Knights43
The Odd Squad43
Wakefield WildTags43
Tag it like it's hot43
Chicken Taggy Masala43
The Wu Tag Clan42
The Angry Gorillas42
The Tag Bandits42
That Makes my Dingle Dongle41
Live and Let Try.41
Sick Note &Tag!41
Handbags and Gladtags40
The Tagmanian Devils40
The Fat and The Furious40
Tag-eshi's Castle39
Tags Players' Alliance39