Longest Current Winning Streaks in Yorkshire

TeamGames Without Loss
TaggaMasala .30
Why Try Harder Slugs4
Tag Me Off.3
Dude Looks Like a Lady3
Wakefield WildTags3
The Wu Tag Clan2
Yippee-try Yay!2
Tags Players' Alliance2
Tagging Me Tagging You, Ahaa2
Brown Paper Tag2
Tags of Leon2
TryTagoras' Theorem1
Yippee Try Yay Mother Ruckers1
Lord of the try’s 1
Blood, Sweat and Beers1
Leeds Trynos1
Tag Break1
Hips Don’t Lie (Yarnbury)1
The Angry Gorillas1
The Tagmanian Devils1
Crouching Taggers, Chicken Fingers1
Chicken Taggy Masala1