North London (Wednesday) - Summer 2019 - Statistics

Player of the Match Awards
PlayerTeamPlayer Of the Match Awards
Michelle ParfittGinger Sparklers2
Zack AkilLord Of The (Girl) Tries2
Riz HanidLord Of The (Girl) Tries2
Ryan GouldIt wiz rucking one of yas2
Kevin LooRuck This2
Bobby DifioreRuck This2
Jason YadaoTagaholics Anonymous1
Oliver SmithTagaholics Anonymous1
David HughesTagaholics Anonymous1
Tommy UptonTagaholics Anonymous1
Ruth SwannGinger Sparklers1
Alexis BouvierGinger Sparklers1
Cordula SchellenbergerLord Of The (Girl) Tries1
Rachel ParmeterLord Of The (Girl) Tries1
Ben WhiteLord Of The (Girl) Tries1
Julia MasonLord Of The (Girl) Tries1
Tegan LeblonJoelson1
Jessica SlaterJoelson1
Natalie PowellGuardians of Tagalaxy1
Edward BarrettTaggy Blinders1
James AustinTaggy Blinders1
Polly RossettiTagpies1
Matthew SinnottTagpies1
Jack KnowlesRuck This1
Caitlin EricksonRuck This1
Oliver HandscombeFends with Benefits11
Jack CroninFends with Benefits11
Sian RodwayFends with Benefits11
Charlie TaylorTeenage Dirt-Tags1
Max CampbellTeenage Dirt-Tags1
Sian EdwardsTeenage Dirt-Tags1
Gavin DooleyYour pace or mine?1
Daniel TomlinsonYour pace or mine?1
Phoebe DaceYour pace or mine?1