The Stoke Travel League at Clapham & Balham (Saturday) - Summer 2019 - Statistics

Player of the Match Awards
PlayerTeamPlayer Of the Match Awards
Jack PowerLet's Go Mexico3
Emily ClayfieldTagging on a prayer3
Arron LombardoAl-Tryeda2
Alice KendleTry Dye2
Steffy GeertsenShark A--Tag2
Kirsty ClarkeShark A--Tag2
Chun Kit ChoTry-ceratops!2
Flo Hodgson-TuckThe Rebels2
Ray FlynnCommon People2
Johnathan PovahFor trying out loud2
Tim KearThe Big D Fenders2
David WongTagging on a prayer2
Rebecca CalverBig Boys Don't Try2
Matt PicknettAl-Tryeda1
Phoebe RobinsAl-Tryeda1
Gareth RoachAl-Tryeda1
Jessica MinckSun's Out Guns Out1
Murray YuillSun's Out Guns Out1
Jenny CookeSun's Out Guns Out1
Hannah WillisTry Candy1
Jackson DaltonTry Candy1
Aoife DuignanBilbo Taggins1
Sarah CullifordBilbo Taggins1
James LeggettClub Tropicana Drinks RFC1
Lucia MasolaClub Tropicana Drinks RFC1
Ellie MasonTry Dye1
Ashkan ValadanTry Dye1
Andy DaveyTag My Pitch Up1
Amy AllenTag My Pitch Up1
Gia VarvarigouTag My Pitch Up1
Wafaa AhmedTag My Pitch Up1
Cillian DevlinTag My Pitch Up1
David ShipleyReturn of the Schnack1
Lauren TurnerReturn of the Schnack1
Jamie WoodsReturn of the Schnack1
Moya MaginnShark A--Tag1
Alexis EllenderClapham Cabbages1
Niall SunderlandClapham Cabbages1
Sean SmythTry-ceratops!1
Rob WaughTry-ceratops!1
Jonathan PovahTry Hard with avengeance 1
Ciara McKibbinTry Hard with avengeance 1
Suzanne CaverlyTry Hard with avengeance 1
Samuel HoldstockLets get Schmidt-faced1
Nicole UnderwoodLets get Schmidt-faced1
Nikki BriantTag Like a BOSS!1
Alice TozziTag Like a BOSS!1
Anita SnowdonThe Rebels1
Riley LombardoThe Rebels1
Jake DunleyThe Rebels1
Katie McdonaghLet's Go Mexico1
Steven DavidsonLet's Go Mexico1
Niall FarrellLet's Go Mexico1
Will RolloBall Grabbers1
Simon HughesBall Grabbers1
Justin O'KeefeBack, Sack, and Michalak1
Lucy MorganBack, Sack, and Michalak1
Pieter de KockBack, Sack, and Michalak1
Kirst MoffattBack, Sack, and Michalak1
Robert OxleyBack, Sack, and Michalak1
Trian RebeiraThe Tagurdays1
Tom BainesThe Big D Fenders1
Caitlin EricksonThe Big D Fenders1
Amanda GaukrogerCougars1
Christine LawtonCougars1
Tinene PieterseCougars1
Gill du ToitCougars1
Ann TaylorCougars1
Michael KampsUntouchaballs.1
Amanda GaukrogerUntouchaballs.1
Gill du ToitUntouchaballs.1
Tiia SemenoffBig Boys Don't Try1
Kirsty ClarkeTag Life (Sat)1
Steffy GeertsenTag Life (Sat)1
Corinna LitscherTag Life (Sat)1
Freddie Caspary-PearsonTag Life (Sat)1
Nicholas de JongeTag Life (Sat)1