Fulham (Tuesday) - Summer 2019 - Cup - Statistics

Player of the Match Awards
PlayerTeamPlayer Of the Match Awards
Ollie RyanThe Speed Wobblers4
Sam ReadScrumhumby2
Leo ChadwellTag of Cans with the Lads2
Max MeagherFulham Flamingos2
Jamie GoligherScrumhumby1
Lucy HeymanScrumhumby1
Hannah LitchfieldScrumhumby1
Agnese MerloScrumhumby1
Craig MeikleThe Speed Wobblers1
Manon SassoThe Speed Wobblers1
Chev WilliamsonThe Speed Wobblers1
Phil VigorsTag of Cans with the Lads1
James ScobieFulham Flamingos1
Chloe ScrimshawFulham Flamingos1
Mitch WalshLive and let Tag1
Stephen WoodfordLive and let Tag1
Emilie GorseLive and let Tag1
Jamie BurrLive and let Tag1
Andrea AbramoLive and let Tag1