2018 Great Britain Open Trials - 8th April
The Great Britain Tag Rugby teams are set for an exciting year with the 2018 Tag World Cup taking place in Coffs Harbour, Australia from the 1st to 4th of November.

Players can attend one or both trial dates. For each date we will provide a time a week before the trial so that we can get even numbers or particular types of players along to a particular session. Times are either 2pm or 4pm on 18/03 or either 11am or 2pm on 08/04.

During the trials the coaching staff and selection committee will be focusing on the following aspects in your game: Fitness, character, playing to structures, being a team player, tag positioning & committment.

We will be sending four teams to the Tag World Cup with the categories to be determined after the trials. We will send our strongest teams depending on the quality of trialists.

We will be selecting 28 squad members per team with the final World Cup squads being named at the end of June. This will be 22 squad members per team, including two non travelling shadow players.

NOTE: No players will be allowed to be brought into the squad outside of the 28 selected. If you don't attend one or both trials, you will NOT be eligible for selection (unless you have a minor injury where you are unable to play and you let us know prior. You are still required to attend however)!
Date and Location
Sunday 08 April 2018, 11:00
East London
Memorial Recreation Ground, 71 Holland Rd, London. E15 3BP