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Please select the league you would like to register for. After registering and confirming your place with the league payment, Try Tag Rugby will place you in a team. If you don't wish to register for a league at this point in time, click on the option below for "I will register for a league at a later date". However please note if you don't register individually for a league, Try Tag Rugby will not offer you a place in a team:

League Day Venue(s) Start Date Duration Cost
Wakefield - Wakefield Sports Club
Acton (Wasps)
Battersea Park
Borough, Kennington Park (astro)
Tooting Bec Athletics Stadium
Wood Green (New River), Wood Green (St Thomas Moore)
Highbury Fields
Bradford and Bingley
Leeds - John Smeaton
Bradford and Bingley
Leeds - John Smeaton
Olympic Park
Manchester (William Hulme GS)
East London
East London
Leeds - Weetwood Sports Park
Manchester (William Hulme GS)
Acton (Wasps)
Barnes (Rosslyn Park)
East London, East London 3G, Rotherhithe (Bacon's College)
East London, East London 3G, Rotherhithe (Bacon's College)
Bradford (3G)
Bradford (3G)
North London (East Finchley)
Barnes (Bank of England Sports Centre)
Rotherhithe (St Paul's)
Tower Bridge
Kennington Park (astro), Waterloo
Saracens ARFC
Finsbury Park
Clapham South
Wandsworth Town (Wandle Rec 4G)
Clapham Common
Clapham South
I will register for a league at a later date
The cost includes: Placing you into a team, league standings, food and drink specials at our post match pubs, equipment, referees, prizes for league winners. Your place in the league is only confirmed upon receiving payment of the individual registration fee.
If you would like to play on the same team as a friend or friends, enter their names here:
Availability Information
Would you like to be registered in the ringer database?
Are you interested in paid refereeing?
Please tell us about your refereeing and playing experience or anything else you would like to make us aware of.

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